Hi. 👋

My name is Noah, as you've probably figured out already.

I'm 23 years old and living in the Netherlands. I currently work as a software developer.

In my free time I enjoy developing games and websites (or programming in general) and playing drums.

I have created a bunch of indie video games throughout the years, one of them, Void Invaders, is currently available on Steam.

I have also created various websites. One of these is devildaggers.info, which is a fan-made website I created for the game Devil Daggers. It also comes with a bunch of modding tools and other programs that can be found on my GitHub.

For projects that are not publicly available on GitHub (but might be in the future), I have created a blog here on the website. One of these projects is my own 3D engine created in C#, and I've written a blog post about its development.